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Black Massage - Back Stretcher

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Do you have Back or Neck Pain? 

Are your shoulders rounded from sitting at a desk all day? Is your back always hunched over?  Well you’re not alone… 
Many people have bad posture. And most of them don’t even know that they do! Studies have shown that bad posture causes back, shoulder, and neck pain, headaches, poor breathing, digestive issues, depression, and much more. 😧

Do you have these symptoms?  Then here’s your simple solution…

💡 The Black Massage is the perfect back stretcher, specially designed for people with back pain. The moment you slowly lay down you feel the little, soft cracks of your spine. You feel how your spine is starting to go back to it's correct position. 😌 The small black dots are perfectly located to press on so-called pressure points of your back, which even more decreases your back pain. It is acupressure combined with back stretching - the perfect healing for your back! 

Feel it: start to roll your shoulders back, while straightening and aligning your neck and spine back into a natural position. Amazing! Now, not only will you walk around with your chest up and carry yourself around confidently, but you also just massively reduced pain in your whole body! 😍


✔  No more back pain
✔  No more neck pain
✔  Less headache
✔  Better & easier breathing
✔  Increased Energy
✔  Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in a wrong position
✔  Happier mood
✔  Perfect digestion
✔  No more shoulder pain
✔  More confident 
✔  Decreases the abnormal wearing of joint surface
✔  Decreases stress
✔  More respect from other people
✔  Less tension
✔  Slower aging
✔  Increased lung capacity
✔  More attractive
✔  Increased core strength

✔  Appear taller

How does Black Massage work?

Just put the Black Magic Massage anywhere you like. For instance: on your bed, on the floor or in the living room. Make sure the back stretcher is fixed on the floor. Then slowly start laying down until your head and bottom both touch the ground. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and then pause. Wait for one minute and then repeat. We recommend five sessions and your back pain will be gone after a few days!



Product size: 370*245mm/14.57*9.65" 
Product function: correcting spine, improving hunchback / waist acid 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to our spring sale, we started running low on stock for the month May. Please place your order while supplies last! Click 'Add To Cart' to order now.

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